Recent University of Oregon graduate, observing this diverse planet and everything it has to offer. I am a curator of ideas and I believe that through innovation and creativity, likeminded people like you and I can rethink, redesign & rejuvenate communities worldwide. Let's talk.


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    Don’t Buy This Jacket

    18. This past Friday, as you probably already know, was black Friday. The day when everyone scurries to department stores across the country to snag the best deals they can find. To most this may seem like a day of great potential and savings, but some question that notion. I fall under that latter group of people. Now I’m not getting down on anyone for purchasing on that day, because if you really need an item, you might as well get the best deal you can. Oftentimes people buy things they simply WANT, instead of things they NEED. And trust me, there is quite a big difference between the two.


    This black Friday, Patagonia set out to question American buying habits. They placed an ad in the New York Times that may have confused a lot of people. 

    "Don’t buy what you don’t need" -Patagonia 

    Take the common threads pledge now if you feel so inclined.

    Dear Advertising Students


    Do meaningful work and you’ll be a happier person.

    Use creativity to solve problems.

    Go above and beyond.

    Be present “Technology will never take the place of face to face.”

    Don’t talk all shop. get personal. It’s more interesting.

    Meet someone, reach out, and don’t always ask for something.

    Your resume should have a “random” section with tid-bits about what makes you unique.

    Show off any and all skills you have.

    Be passionate, you’ll be more attractive.

    And most importantly…

    Show how you solve problems.

    Maria Scileppi  

    Scott Bedbury

    8. The legend, the man, the innovator Scott Bedbury talked to our #UOcreativeStrat class this past Tuesday. What I’m about to share is nothing new, and has probably been said thousands of times in hundreds of different blogs. 

    Here are some of the insight I took away from his talk.

    General takeaways:

    We need to balance art with science, the linear with the orthogonal.

    Great leaders establish positive friction. 

    Transformational insights require an open mind.

    Be FULLY PRESENT in the moments that matter most.

    Innovation is culture

    Generosity is key


    Find enjoyment in the little things

    Focus on how you make people feel (on an emotional level)

    Find ways to leverage human need

    Be honest and true to your (brand) DNA

    Make mistakes, but make sure you learn from them (never make the same one twice)

    Own up to mistakes when you do make them

    Build a group of friends who can constructively critique your work

    Create an experience that supports your brand, both for costumers and employees


    Only think that price matters (look at Red Bull)

    Loose your way, because your best employees will leave first

    Scott also has a great read out there that you should probably check out/buy. It’s called A Brand New World

    I’m Talkin’ Bout Skills

    7. 10 characteristics that make you more entrepreneurial than the next

    1-    Self-confidence

    2-    You’ve got clout

    3-    Federal Holidays are for the birds (you determine your schedule)

    4-    Sleep is antiquated

    5-    You work for yourself, not for a paycheck

    6-    You like to run things

    7-    It can always be better – and you make sure it is

    8-    You’re unemployable and that’s a positive thing

    9-    Your dress code is shabby chic

    10- You’re a tad bit mental

    "Business as Unusual"

    Identifying with peoples values can be tricky sometimes, but even harder in a digital environment. Brands that succeed these days have adapted seamlessly across multiple platforms. Agencies have had to adapt just as quickly, changing yet another business structure we thought was set in stone. The good news is that people are smart, so as things shift in the digital world, so too will our brains.


    Now more than ever we need to invest our creative knowhow into figuring out how to connect community values with meaningful products and services. This is another reason digital, as we know it, is changing so quickly. People are beginning to demand more out of their favorite companies, which means they need to figure out how to provide value and not just junk, otherwise people will find something else to spend their money on. Dave Allen once said, “Take the money, and don’t advertise, BUILD SHIT,” this is exactly what needs to start happening. Costumers seldom experience brand value, which is a paradigm that needs to change.


    Instead of coming up with ways to convince consumers to buy this or that, advertisers must create something, tangible or intangible, that connects companies to their buyer’s values. Jeff Oeth, creator of the Modern Evolution blog, which I recommend everyone takes a look at, had this to say about solving this very problem, “Creative and strategic thinking can make things more interesting, more effective, more sustainable, more fun, and just plain better — for ourselves and for the world around us.”  Unusual 

    It Was All A Dream


    Okay so I am going to get kind of personal with all of you and share a dream I had a while back. I dreamt that I was in Blockbuster

    Read more

    New Ideas, check… I mean swoosh


    So I just read an article about Nike’s most recent efforts toward sustainability. Nike has invested a lot of money and resources over the years in order to become a sustainably innovative company. What they’re doing now gives their sustainability efforts a power boost. The article dove into the fact that Nike is now striving for completely closed-loop products.

    Read more

    Reinvention, Collaboration, & Innovation

    Reconstructing the way we live and produce is going to be essential for future prosperity. Nothing is ever created perfect and nothing will ever be perfect. The industry is shifting towards divergent thinking. Divergent thinkers are of a new breed. They thrive on fresh, non-traditional ideas and methods, ones that may have seemed far-fetched tens of years ago. Original thinking is what’s going to change the brand industry we know today. Our generation is without a doubt worried about the future. To stabilize our spot we must reinvent, collaborate, and innovate, not only us, but as well as future generations. Systems will only change if the paradigms that hold them together are questioned. It is our job as thought leaders of the future to be sponges and learn everything we possibly can about this shift and how it is affecting the brand world. It is crucial that we all think big when it comes to innovation. Adam Werbach put it perfectly when he wrote,

    “Innovate differently, and win. Or continue to innovate narrowly, and lose”

    Collaboration is another aspect closely associated with this ever-changing intellectual reinvention of the brand world. Many large businesses are starting to invest in collaboration strategies, which is a great step forward. One man or woman cannot singlehandedly change the world, but with the linking of passions for a better cause, change can be made.

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