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    New Ideas, check… I mean swoosh


    So I just read an article about Nike’s most recent efforts toward sustainability. Nike has invested a lot of money and resources over the years in order to become a sustainably innovative company. What they’re doing now gives their sustainability efforts a power boost. The article dove into the fact that Nike is now striving for completely closed-loop products.

    This is the process of taking older materials and turning them into new ones. Sounds simple right? Nike took this sustainability goal and left it up to the product designers to come up with inventive ideas. Collaboration and new ideas are the way of the future and smart companies are starting to realize this and integrate it into their business model.

    Notable Numbers

    • Within footwear, Nike has decreased waste by 19% across the board.
    • They have increased the use of environmentally friendly material by 20%
    • And maintained they’re reduction in VOCs by 95%
    • Nike Green Design has recycled 82 million plastic bottles


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