Recent University of Oregon graduate, observing this diverse planet and everything it has to offer. I am a curator of ideas and I believe that through innovation and creativity, likeminded people like you and I can rethink, redesign & rejuvenate communities worldwide. Let's talk.


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    Happy Colorado Day everybody (Taken with Instagram)


    100%  Letterpress Project

    by praegedruck

    via graphic-exchange.com

    New York Realities

    It’s hard to put into words exactly everything I experienced during my stay in New York.  During those seven days at the building that bears the name of Theodore Roosevelt, I not only learned more about the DNA of NYC, but the DNA of the world. “The City that Never Sleeps” was a saying that didn’t make too much sense to me before seeing it with my own eyes.

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    Creativeweek UnConference! I’m amongst some of the brightest creative minds in the country, if not the world (Taken with instagram)

    Taken with instagram

    Taken with instagram

    25. A very wise man once said that the eyes are the only way into a man’s website. Feel free to peruse my pages. 

    24. I really miss working with these two guys. Here’s the last video we did this summer.

    I head back to Denver in five days and i’ll have over a month to do personal projects and spend time with the family. If you know me and I don’t have anything cool to show you when I return from break, well, you have my permission to no longer be my friend. 

    23. How is he able to fly with such giant balls? Amazing and worth the watch

    The 1st Annual Chihuahua Awards

    22. For my Creative Strategist class we were given the opportunity to come up with a project of our choice, as long as it dealt with the advertising world in some way. Me and my hombres Dan Drullinger and Martin Torres wanted to devise a way we could give recognition to individuals within the industry. And that ladies and gentlemen, is how the Chihuahua Awards were born. If you’re reading this and you know someone who fits the bill, go ahead and submit a nomination at Chihuahua Awards dot com. We’d love to hear from you!

    Today, not Tomorrow Mentality

    21. Oftentimes I’ll find myself stuck in my own thoughts. And by that I mean distracted by my own thoughts. When I have a crazy amount of things to think about, my mind can sometimes be more of a pain than a helper. In oder to counteract this problem I like to sit down, close my eyes, and prioritize. Once I have ranked the importance of my to-do list items, i start on the one with a big RED EXCLAMATION mark, then mosey down the list. 

    Thus, I have adopted the today, not tomorrow mentality.  

    20. This past Friday my friend Dan took me to visit the Grenade offices in Portland. Joe Condorelli, the CEO, was one of the nicest, brutally honest people I have met. In order to thank him my roommates and I covered our living room table with the stickers he had given me. Brand exposure to the max. Follow Grenade at @Grenadeinc 

    Thanks Joe

    19. Not much hasn’t already been said. Educate yourself, stand up for what you believe in, and never be scared to voice your opinion. 

    Don’t Buy This Jacket

    18. This past Friday, as you probably already know, was black Friday. The day when everyone scurries to department stores across the country to snag the best deals they can find. To most this may seem like a day of great potential and savings, but some question that notion. I fall under that latter group of people. Now I’m not getting down on anyone for purchasing on that day, because if you really need an item, you might as well get the best deal you can. Oftentimes people buy things they simply WANT, instead of things they NEED. And trust me, there is quite a big difference between the two.


    This black Friday, Patagonia set out to question American buying habits. They placed an ad in the New York Times that may have confused a lot of people. 

    "Don’t buy what you don’t need" -Patagonia 

    Take the common threads pledge now if you feel so inclined.

    This is our time


    To not take advantage of the gifts and opportunities we (college students) have in our hands is like washing gold down the drain. Even when I become overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, I still try my hardest to count my blessing and move forward. No one ever got to the position they desired by bitching about all that is on their plate. No one likes a whiner, so don’t be one. It’s called dead week for a reason. Put your hat on, head down and show the world what you are made of. Like our ex-president stated in his email to students, “Oregon is a place so often at the forefront of change, a crucible where innovators, dreamers, mavericks and fair-minded citizens devise new solutions to old problems. I still believe this is true,” and so do I.


    If you stand with the hat then “stay the course, and don’t let disappointment prevail.”


    Wise words from a wise man!

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